Our Web Design Process

It’s our 4 step process. It’s how we roll.

1. We learn about you

Before we do anything, we learn. We’ll ask you questions about your organization, your audience and your goals for your website. This helps us to better understand the character and culture of your organization so that we can accurately represent it in the website.

2. Initial website design

Once we know these things about your organization it helps us to craft a website that not only matches your brand but that will also resonate with your audience.

Fun fact: The initial design is populated with placeholder text called Lorem Ipsum instead of your actual content. We do this on purpose because it’s hard to turn your brain off and not read words when you see them. Using placeholder text causes your brain to ignore it because your brain can’t understand it, allowing you to focus on the layout and design of the website. It’s science or something.

3. Feedback

We’ll send you a link with the initial design for your review. We’ll point out specific features and sections, offer alternative ideas and ask your opinion. Maybe you love everything about it, maybe you want some things changed or maybe you hate it all – we’ll tweak and change anything and everything until you love it.

4. Launch (high-fiving too)

Once we’ve tweaked the website to your approval, we’ll launch the website under your actual domain name. We’ll get the website hooked up with Google Analytics (if you already have an account we’ll connect it otherwise we can create one for you, it’s free) so we can learn how your visitors are using your website. After the website is live, we’ll all high-five each other (if you’re outside Ohio like a good number of our clients, then click here) and our support will be available to answer any of your questions moving forward.

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