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Never Forget Passwords Again with This 1 Simple Trick

The first rule when it comes to password security is to never use the same password twice. Every account you have should use its own unique password. The reasoning behind this is because if you use one password for everything and someone obtains your password to one...

The 8 Minute Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Call to Action

What is a Call To Action (CTA)? In it's most basic form, a "Call to Action" (often abbreviated as CTA) is when you prompt a user to perform a specific action, such as clicking on a button or a link. The action can be anything, such as subscribing to an email list,...

Blogging: 5 Fatal Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Blogging is an amazing and powerful tool that can fuel the growth of any website when done properly. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths and bad information floating around in the wild that can derail your dreams of blogging success. Executing any of these...

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