Tools for brands serious about having a successful online presence.

What is this?

A successful online presence requires more than a great looking website and more cups of coffee than you’re comfortable admitting to your friends and family. We want to share with you a variety of tools and resources we use that help us handle a ton of stuff, including:

  • email marketing
  • managing our social media accounts
  • and sometimes automating entire workflows


The tools listed below are all tools we have first-hand experience with and recommend because they work.

In some cases, we’re also enough of raving fans about them because they’ve helped us so much that we’ve agreed to be affiliate partners with them – meaning that if you end up purchasing their services using one of our links below we may be compensated for the recommendation at no cost to you.

* denotes platforms we’re currently using here at Green Tree Media that have had a significant impact on our business. Click on an image below to view their website.

ConvertKit *

Email Marketing

Zapier *

Workflow Automation

Buffer *

Social Media Management

Hootsuite *

Social Media Management

RightInbox *

Auto send scheduled emails with follow ups, reminders and recurring emails right in Gmail.

Google Analytics *

Marketing Analytics


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