8 Content Mistakes That Will Kill Your Blog Engagement

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Blogging has become a full-fledged profession, while bloggers have already become new celebrities who earn quite well.

Many people dream of becoming bloggers. However, it already seems that there are too many of them.

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Despite the high competition, launching your blog is worth it. It may not bring in much money directly, but it will help you in your business.

Being a blogger is not as easy as it sometimes seems at first glance. Many bloggers who are just starting out make the same mistakes, while their rating and the number of views begin to fall. Sometimes it’s easier to create a new blog than to raise an old one.

So, in this article, we will list all the mistakes that should be avoided when blogging.

Where and How Do I Blog?

Blogging is one of the best ways to express your feelings and emotions to other people. If you are a blogger, it is important to understand that it is not just about writing a blog, you need to use certain tools and follow some tricks to get quick results.

Having a great hosting platform provides better coverage and visibility of the search engine. Web hosting services provide you with a server for your blog. Most large companies prefer to set up their own servers for better service. There are different types of hosting, for example:

  • Virtual hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • VPS, etc.

There are also pros and cons to each hosting platform. You can learn about some popular platforms for blogs below:

  • WordPress
  • Gator
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

Regardless of where you choose to post it, content is the basis of a blog of any kind and purpose. We must caution you against the following content issues:

  • Poor structure (insufficient headings/subheadings, lack of paragraphs, lists, etc.);
  • non-unique content (duplicated, stolen from other resources);
  • outdated information;
  • too little or too much content;
  • spelling and grammatical errors.

These are just a few basic issues you can always find when reviewing mediocre blogs. However, if you want your blog to look more professional, you should pay attention to the issues many bloggers forget about.

8 Mistakes That Hurt Your Content and Blog Engagement

1. An unattractive design theme

There is a huge selection of themes for WordPress, so you can always choose an original theme. If you have enough knowledge and perseverance to change the design of the template – then you can get give your blog a completely unique look!

The design affects the attraction of new readers and their retention.

2. Large blocks of text

There is a certain way Internet users prefer their content to look. This may not seem like a big deal when you’re writing, however, large chunks of unstructured text can make your writing difficult to read.

Even a helpful, informative article can repel the reader if they get bombarded with a wall of text.

If you are looking for a writing company that uses grammar checks and want to hire a writer who is good at their job, you should check out trustworthy online writing services, such as GetGoodGrade. Just make sure to read customer reviews before taking your pick.

3. Low image quality

No matter where you find photos for your blog, you should make sure they’re of high quality.

Blurred images and photos can spoil the impression of your blog. If you’re handy with a camera you can even take your own cool ones, thus attracting more attention to your blog and leveraging unique content that search engines love.

4. Inconsistent formatting

We’ve talked about this before – you should ensure that you use a single style of text and image formatting throughout the entire blog – this will make your blog easier to read and understand so that the audience would keep returning for more.

5. Lack of contact information

This may not seem like an obvious one but readers should be able to contact you at any time. Websites that don’t include contact details appear sketchy and ultimately untrustworthy, which can turn readers away.

Make sure a contact page or some sort of contact information is easily accessible from every page on your blog.

6. Unmonitored Spam in the Comment Section

Spam in the comments annoys everyone! It not only distracts readers from an interesting article or interaction with fellow blog readers but also shows that you do not care about your audience’s opinion.

To avoid that, make sure that you either moderate your blog’s comments on a regular basis or turn off comments on your blog altogether.

Here at Green Tree Media, we encourage our blog readers to continue the conversation on our social media pages.

7. Vague headings

Your readers should have a good idea of what content they can expect to find in each section of your post.

Informative, SEO-friendly headings and subheadings will also help you in terms of search volume and search rankings, as well as better blog engagement.

A good rule of thumb is your reader should be able to get the general idea of your blog post and the points you make in it, simply by scanning your headlines. If you scan your posts headlines and anything is unclear, go back and make your headlines more clear.

8. Ignoring your readers.

Communicating with your audience is a huge part of the job. If you don’t respond to user comments, people may lose interest in you and go to someone more sociable. It is the feedback and back-and-forth communication that builds the loyalty of the subscribers.

As we mentioned before, if you’re not up for participating in or monitoring the comment sections, you’re better off disabling comments on your blog.

Love to Communicate!

Many people think that a blogger is a person who does nothing – cruises through social media 24/7, publishing cute photos, and at the same time makes money without straining.

However, blogging is not an easy job that is not for everyone. You need to create new content every day and stay in touch 24/7.

Publicity is also tiring, while haters and competitors can also put a strain on blogger’s wellbeing. In order to be a successful blogger you need to be a person of a certain mindset – love to communicate, be energetic, creative, and disciplined to start your blog and move it forward.

A blog may not be your main source of income, but it can help increase profits through advertising.

As your blog expands, you will need to work on your engagement more and more. Hopefully, this article gave you some tips you can refer to when creating your blog content!

Contributed by: Jessica Fender

Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at Writeload with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.