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Green Tree Media specializes in website design and development for small to medium sized organizations. We create practical solutions that make sense both for your needs and your budget. We use the latest techniques and technology to ensure your website looks and performs to it’s full potential.

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Mobile-friendly Design

We use ‘responsive design’ techniques which allow for optimal viewing of our websites across a variety of devices, including tablets and smart phones as well as standard desktop computers. Another important note to mention is that when people do Google searches on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, Google gives preference to websites that are optimized to be mobile­-friendly and actually recommends ‘responsive web design’ as it’s suggested method for building websites.

Easily update your website with no monthly maintenance fees.

One of our primary goals is to empower our customers and allow them efficiently manage their website themselves. We’ve made it easy for website administrators to make updates to the content of the website and even add additional pages with just a few clicks. By empowering our customers to manage their own websites, it also means that we don’t charge a monthly maintenance fee. However, if you prefer to have us make the updates to your website’s content for you, we can work something out based on your needs.

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Browser Compatibility

All of our projects are approached with a ‘forward­-thinking’ mindset. This means that we use current technologies and techniques to make your website as widely accessible as possible. With that in mind, we test all of our projects on modern internet browsers such as the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.

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