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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

A website’s bounce rate is an often misinterpreted statistic and it’s a metric I get a lot of questions about. I’ve talked about bounce rate as part of an overall SEO strategy before, but today I wanted to focus in and talk about ways you can improve your site’s...

Easily Optimize Website Images For Free

If the page load time on slows by one second, they lose $1.6B annually. I don’t even know what $1.6B looks like but that stat comes from a recent study geared toward learning more about the tolerance of slow web page speeds for the average U.S. web user....

On-Page SEO: How to Optimize Blog Posts

When talking about on-page SEO, there are a lot of myths, outdated techniques and just plain wrong information floating around the internet. Today I wanted to share with you a quick checklist of some solid on-page SEO strategies you can start putting into practice...
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