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Hi, I’m ! I’m a customer avatar. I represent a snap shot of your ideal customer or client. You can use my profile to help give you clarity when you’re writing marketing copy for a particular product or service you offer. Write like you’re addressing me and you’ll be on the right track!




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This tool was lovingly handcrafted by Alex Brinkman for Green Tree Media, LLC with help from the awesome API over at which provides names and images for each customer avatar. This tool is provided for free to help small business owners gain laser-focus on their marketing and content-production efforts.

Side note: If you set your customer avatar age at 60 and the image that gets displayed is of a young, vibrant 20 or 30-something, just roll with it or, if you’re super artistic, draw an older person over the image with marker when you print it out. At the moment it’s only discerning images by gender.

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